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MILK—Queso, Cheese, Sour Cream, Fish Batter, Fish Sauce, Chipotle Ranch Dressing

EGGS—Eggs, Chipotle Ranch Dressing, Cookies

PEANUTS—Cookies may contain traces.

TREE NUTS —Cookies may contain traces.

FISH—Fried Fish (Pollack)


SOY—Chicken, Steak, Marinade, Fish Sauce, Cookies

WHEAT—Flour Tortillas, Wheat Tortillas, Fish Batter, Sopapillas, Green Chile (Pork & Veggie), Fryer Oil may contain traces.

Food allergies are very serious and can even be life threatening. Please be careful when preparing food for a guest that has made you aware of an allergy. If they have an allergy other than the 8 most common listed above, always check ILLEGAL PETE’S INGREDIENT LIST. Never assume!
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