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Cater your fun with Pete's!

From blowout birthdays to marriage milestones, we like to have a good time. Even more so, we like to help you have a good time. That’s why catering with Pete’s is easy. Fill out your deets, select a store, and start browsing options. A Pete’s feast, delivered to you. Please note, we require a minimum 48-hour notice on all catering orders.


Classic Bar

It’s the full Pete’s experience and has all the essentials for a build-your-own situation. Includes vegan, paleo, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.


  • Fajita and Primavera Veggies

  • All 5 house-made Salsas

  • Shredded Cheese & Sour Cream

  • Romaine Lettuce

  • Tortilla Chips

  • Chocolate-Chip Cookies for dessert

PLUS! Your choice of Tortillas, Rice, Beans, 2 of our 4 Proteins, Queso OR Guac and Salad Dressing.

Classic Bar Image
veggie Bar Image

$9.50 per person (20 person MIN.)

Veggie Bar

Herbivores, Unite! Vegan, Veggies, Flexitarians—this one’s for you. Grab all the plant-based goodies.


  • All 5 house-made salsas

  • Lettuce

  • Tortilla Chips

PLUS! Your choice of Tortillas, Rice, Beans, Veggies, Salad Dressing and, Guac or Dairy (cheese and sour cream)

Opting for Guac instead of Dairy makes the entire spread vegan!

$7 per person (20 person min.)

Nacho Bar

Includes just the basics. Ideal for a happy hour, open house or a gathering of your queso lovin’ friends.


  • Tortilla chips

  • Queso

  • Guac

  • Sour Cream

  • All the fixin's (black olives, diced onions, pickled jalapeños and cilantro)

PLUS! Your choice of 2 Salsas of any House-Made Salsas

Get Loaded! Our Loaded Nacho Bar includes all items listed above PLUS choice of:

  • Beans, Veggies, and Meats

Loaded Nacho Bar
Catering Beverages Image


Drink up! Sip on some lemonade, or dial it up with our house marg mix!

  • We require a minimum 48-hour notice on all catering orders.

  • Selected times are arrival times. It takes roughly 30 minutes to set up, based on the size of the catering order. Larger catering orders (75+) will take 45min-1 hour.

  • If there isn’t a store near you for delivery, please call your nearest Illegal Pete’s for assistance.

  • Every spread includes plates, napkins, forks, serving utensils, fuel, and chafing racks.

  • Paper products are compostable, and food containers are recyclable (must be cleaned).

  • Wire chafing racks can be returned to any Illegal Pete’s location in exchange for a gift card ($3/rack).

Fine Print

If a client is not present at the time of delivery, the driver will wait for a maximum 15 minutes. If no one arrives within that window to accept the order, the driver will return to the restaurant with the food, where the customer can pick it up. There will be no refunds.

Cancellation Policy

  • We ask for a 24-hour notice on all catering cancellations. If you need to cancel with less than a 24-hours notice, we’ll charge 50% of the subtotal to cover food cost and labor.

  • If you need to rebook your catering, we will charge 10% of the subtotal and give a 10% discount on your rescheduled catering.

If you are a tax exempt organization, go ahead and place your order through the site and we will retroactively remove tax on your order. Please note your tax exempt number in the "Made For" box at the end of the Spread you are ordering.

Tax exempt numbers start with 98 or 81 and are typically 7 digits

We do not accept EIN as Tax Exempt numbers.

  • A 20-person spread will require 8ft of table space. For every 20-person addition, add 1ft to the base of 8ft for ample space.

  • For example: 60p classic bar = 10ft of table space.

Need to feed your friends but don’t need a whole spread?

Party Favors

We've got you covered. From party boxes, taquito boxes, friends and family meals to a straight up case of queso. Whatever your crew is craving, we'll keep the party fueled.

Party Favors Image
Pete's Boxes Image

Require 24 Hours Notice

Pete's Boxes

Burrito Boxes

Minimum of 8 burritos. Standardized Ingredients, Customizable Proteins, individually wrapped

Party Hero

Party pack built for 10- includes standard burritos, a case o’ queso and a gallon sized beverage

Taquito Box

Feeds 10

Doesn't Require 24-Hours Notice

  • Case O' Salsa

  • Case O' Queso

  • Case O' Combo

  • Case O' Guac

  • Friends & Family Meals

  • Pete's Pantry

Rewards - Chip hands

Better Together

Broken Heart

Wedding Receptions

We know, we know: Queso is the way to your heart. So why not share the love with catering from Pete’s? We make it easy to eat well on your special day—and then some. 

Rehearsal Dinners

Take the stress out of feeding your favorite people. Let us host your rehearsal on our patio, or cater at your space. We have options that’ll please even your pickiest relatives, and we make the process easier than saying "I Do".

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