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Illegal Pete’s Taco & Nacho Bars come with all the goodies for a perfect event. Almost all of the equipment is disposable, so set-up and clean-up is a breeze. Each order comes with baskets, utensils, napkins, chafing racks and fuel. (Return your racks afterward for an Illegal Pete’s gift card! Each rack you return is worth $2!). Please allow 24 hours' advance notice for us to fulfill your catering request.


$8.75 per person (20 person minimum)

Start your day the Pete's way and be an a.m. hero. Comes with:

Scrambled eggs ● potatoes ● chorizo ● bacon ● veggie green chile ● cheese ● soft flour tortillas ● one of our fresh salsas ● choice of two additional items: black bean or pinto beans ● sautéed veggies ● a second salsa choice ● sour cream ● romaine lettuce



$11.00 per person (20 person minimum)

Bring the Pete's taco experience to your next office meeting, football party, or bar mitzvah! With an abundance of choices and combinations, the Classic Taco Bar can't miss. You get:

Grilled chicken ● grilled steak ● cilantro-lime rice ● black & pinto beans ● sautéd fajita & primavera veggies ● cheese & sour cream ● all 5 of our fresh house salsas ● romaine lettuce ● flour tortillas ● crispy corn taco shells ● house-made tortilla chips ● cookies for dessert



$6.50 per person (20 person minimum)

Relive the Pete's nacho experience at home (or work, or church, or the gym…). You get:

Plenty of our fresh, house-made chips ● queso ● guacamole ● sour cream ● cilantro ● diced onion ● pickled jalapeños ● black olives ●  two of our fresh salsas



$11.00 per person (20 person minimum)

Sometimes you want nachos, and other times you want nachos. You know, a fully-loaded nacho blowout. Our Loaded Nacho Bar comes with everything in the regular nacho bar, plus:

Your choice of beans ● fajita or primavera veggies ● 2 all-natural meats ● shredded cheese ●  an additional salsa choice

a bowl of food on a table

Vegan Taco Bar

$9.50 per person (20 person minimum)

It's the Illegal Pete's taco bar experience with zero animal products! The Vegan Taco bar comes with:

Flour tortillas & crispy taco shells ● cilantro lime rice ● sautéed fajita & primavera veggies ● black & pinto beans ● guacamole ●  all 5 of our fresh house salsas ● romaine lettuce ● house-made tortilla chips 

You can sub Dairy (cheese & sour cream) for Guacamole for free, or add it for your dairy eating friends for $1.50 per person



Enhance your catering order with a little something extra. Add:

Guacamole: 1.50 per person

Queso: 1.50 per person

Pork or Vegan Green Chile: 1.00 per person

2 bottles of Pete's new hot sauces (Jalapeño Rojo and Jalapeño Verde): 3.00 each or both for 5.00)


All those taco and nacho bars are going to make you thirsty. Why not add in a gallon of beverages? Choose from:

Teatulia Iced Tea: $12.00 per gallon

Tropicana Lemonade: $12.00 per gallon

El Niño Horchata: $12.00 per gallon

House-made Margarita Mix (just add your own tequila!): $15.00 per gallon

a close up of a piece of paper

The Burrito Basket

Filled with burritos or chips and queso, the Burrito Basket will make you the hero wherever people are hungry. It comes in a few variations:

The Breakfast Burrito Basket: $5.49 per burrito (8-20)

The Lunch/Dinner Burrito Basket: $6.99 per burrito (8-20)

The Case o' Queso: $14.99 (feeds 8-10)


Have an off-the-menu request? We’re all ears. Let us know how we can make your event stand out from the crowd.

Catering is available for pickup and for delivery on orders for 20+ people. (Delivery includes set-up and comes with a 15% fee.)

Ready to place your catering inquiry?



Please allow at least 24 hours' advance notice when you place your catering inquiry ● Cancellation Policy: We’ll need 24 hours’ notice of a catering cancellation (prior to delivery/pickup time). Caterings that are not cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice will be charged 50% of the full price of their catering in order to cover labor and food loss on the order. Orders cancelled in advance of that 24 hours will not be charged. ● **Catering delivery requests for destinations outside our designated territories are subject to an additional fee and are accepted at management discretion. ● Catering delivery times are agreed upon prior to the catering date. In the event that a catering client is not present at the time of delivery, the driver will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes; if the client does not arrive to accept the order within that window, the driver will leave and return to the restaurant where the client can then come retrieve the order and will owe the full delivery and order fee.