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Covid-19 Information

The global pandemic has led us to adapt our operations and style of service to keep things safe and keep things Pete's. To learn how to rock your next experience with us, read on!

What Locations are Open?

All locations are open!

Check your favorite location's page to see their current hours.

How Can you Dine & Drink w/ Pete's?

We're currently offering limited indoor and outdoor dining in Colorado and Arizona. 

Order online (just click the "Order Online" button!) or come through the line like old times and order in person. 

How are We Keeping Things Safe? 

Cashless payment. Yes, we have gone card only to limit all the touching. Given that all orders are now placed online through our website, this takes care of itself quite nicely.

Sanitizing every table before a customer sits down. Every table, every time. We've also introduced bussing! Gone are the days of guests clearing their own tables when they're done, which also helps us ensure we're upholding our promise to make every table squeaky-clean for each new party.

Limited seating. We have positioned all our tables at least 6' apart and have limited our dining capacity to meet the regulations for each city in which we operate.

Requiring that guests wear masks at all times when not seated at their table. Seated at your table? Then take your mask off, relax, and stay a while! Going to the restroom, coming in, or leaving? Then please mask up. Thanks, we truly do appreciate it.

Mandatory face masks and gloves for all employees at all times during service. We've always donned the gloves, but now we've added masks to the getup. 

Increased employee hand-washing protocols. We've always enforced stringent rules on when and how to wash one's hands, and now we're being even more nit-picky about it. 

Temperature checks and employee wellness checks before every shift. If an employee reports a raised temperature, they cannot begin work. We're real sticklers about it.

Paid sick time for employees. We've always provided paid sick time to all employees, but in these pandemic days we've upped it to: up to 14 days for employees who have been exposed to COVID-19.

Expert-guided food safety protocols + audits that exceed health department standards. Because we're over-achievers like that.

Thorough produce washing right when it arrives to the restaurant. We've always done this and always will, but in the spirit of 'safety everything' we thought we'd mention it here.

Proper chemical use to ensure intended sanitizing protocols are achieved. Because using the right chemical in the wrong way doesn't help anything, and vice versa.

Ongoing staff training on safety and sanitation. Can't stop won't stop. We've always believed in the importance of continuously training staff on these matters and won't stop after COVID-19 becomes a thing of the past. 

You made it all the way to the bottom of this page?! Seems like someone earned themselves a marg to celebrate!