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 At Illegal Pete’s, we serve loaded Mission Style burritos, tacos and world-famous queso alongside a full bar with our signature, fresh margaritas. We take our food very seriously, sourcing our meats from Niman Ranch and our tortillas from a local, organic tortilla maker. But the food is just a small part of what we do. We believe in the convergence of fun and philanthropy; our burritos are just one way to make the world a better place, one bite at a time. Here are the ways you’re helping to save the world, just by eating or grabbing a happy hour drink at Illegal Pete’s: 

1.) When you eat at Pete’s, you support a Living Wage. 

When you order from Illegal Pete’s, you might notice that our customer service is above and beyond. Our employees are authentically happy because they’re paid far above industry standards. We just announced our Living Wage success: over a three-year period, our Founder and President, Pete Turner, raised all employee wages aggressively, to prove that it was possible to continue to grow the company. Each employee now makes an average of $12,000 more per year, and we’ve managed to still grow from seven to 11 locations during that time. Our starting tipped wages begin at $15/hr.; adding in benefits, paid time off and food, it comes out to $46,000 per year for a starting position at a quick service restaurant.  

Not only do we pay our employees well, but we’re telling the world about it so we can prove that fairly compensating employees is not just possible, it’s profitable. So, next time your order an Illegal Pete’s burrito, know that you’re investing in a company dedicated to spreading the gospel of Living Wage. 

2.) Our burrito sales fund various causes, fundraisers, charities and schools. 

Many of us want to donate to causes but are paralyzed by an overwhelming number of charities to choose from, or an insecurity in our lack of funds. We host myriad fundraisers at Illegal Pete’s year-round because we like finding ways to help our community that are as easy as ordering nachos. Our customers simply come into Illegal Pete’s on a fundraising night, mention the fundraiser at the register, and 50% of their sale goes towards the advertised school, charity or nonprofit.  

We also host month-long fundraisers like the one during Autism Awareness Month. During the month of April, we asked customers to smother their burrito for an extra $1 and raised money for the Joshua School. We contributed $20k in a single month from burrito sales to benefit individuals w/ developmental disabilities. We also host fundraisers to support cancer research and awareness and music youth programs, like Youth on Record

3.) Drink beer and support the arts. 

Going to the rock show tonight? Stop by Illegal Pete’s and we’ll buy you a beer! With our Soundcheck program, if you show your same-day ticket stub, we’ll give you a free drink with entrée purchase. Why are we bribing our customers with free beer to see ticketed events? We want to inspire our customers to support music and the arts.  

4.) Eating at Pete’s feeds hungry bands. 

Did you know that we feed touring bands for free at Illegal Pete’s? Our Founder and President, Pete Turner, is a huge music fan. He understands that touring the country in order to bring us good tunes is a sacrifice, and he wants to make bands feel welcome in Colorado and Arizona. That’s why we give them the burrito hookup when they’re coming through town. When you eat at Illegal Pete’s, not only are you supporting a company that helps road-weary bands get a good might even run into your favorite rock star at Illegal Pete’s. 

Here’s the Starving Artists signup form: 

Next time you’re enjoying breakfast, lunch, happy hour or dinner at Illegal Pete’s, know that you’re helping the world in your own small way—a delicious way.