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The More the Merrier

Culture of Celebration

We believe what you eat matters as much as who you eat it with. Same thing goes for work. We provide a living wage, health benefits and offer 401K to all employees. We think it’s high time the industry followed suit, because when you believe in somebody: you treat them well. And like Pete Sr. before us——believing in someone makes them believe in themselves. Everyone deserves that kind of love.

Will you be our salsa sidekick? Our ‘dilla dreamboat?

Front Line Crew are the face and hands of Illegal Pete's. They interact with our customers on a daily basis, creating delicious food combinations and the welcoming environment that we're known for. This team is responsible for excellent customer service, food quality, cleanliness and speed in a variety of stations within the restaurant.

Our kitchen team plays a vital role in the restaurant creating the high quality food we are known for. Responsibilities include (but are not limited too) food preparation, production, quality at top-notch speed.

There are 3 levels of Shift Leads that put an employee on the path to management:

  • S1: Focus on running awesome shifts with all members of the team

  • S2: Kitchen Lead dives deeper into food quality, ordering, and recipes at a higher level

  • S3: Off-Premise Lead builds our digital and catering sales quality and efficiency to bring us to the next level

All shift leaders are required to run awesome shifts, create a fun environment, ensure all Pete's standards are followed, and communicate well with all members of the team. On the path to management, you will go through all three levels of shift lead.

Our restaurants are led by 3 salaried managers:

· General Manager:  The GM is the captain of the restaurant.  They are focused on inspiring and developing their team, serving delicious food, and providing excellent guest service.

· Assistant General Manager:   The AGM is second in command to the GM. They are responsible for elevating the guest experience, leading team members to do the same, and they play a critical role in running the rocking bar business.

· Kitchen Manager: The KM is captain of the kitchen. They work closely with GM and AGM to operate the restaurant with their primary focus on all things kitchen and food.