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Safety + Sanitation Information

Rock (Safely) On

The world keeps getting weirder. The good news? Doing your part goes a long way. We follow all city/state mandates and suggestions when it comes to keeping our staff and community safe. In accordance with those guidelines, masks are no longer required for customers or staff. We understand if you are more comfortable wearing one, and welcome you either way.

How We’re Keeping You Safe

We’re maintaining a happy, healthy community with the following guidelines:

Increased employee hand-washing protocols

We've always enforced stringent rules on when and how to wash one's hands, and now we're being even more nit-picky about it.

Expert-guided food safety protocols

We frequently engage in protocols and audits that exceed health department standards. Because we're over-achievers like that.

Thorough product washing

We clean our goods as soon as they arrive to the restaurant. We've always done this and always will, but in the spirit of “safety everything,” we thought we'd mention it here.

Proper chemical use

We ensure intended sanitizing protocols are achieved. Using the right chemical in the wrong way doesn't help anything, and vice versa.

On-going staff training on safety and sanitation

Can't stop, won't stop. We've always believed in the importance of continuously training staff on these matters, and won't stop even after COVID-19 becomes a thing of the past.