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Good-Natured Hell Raisers

The Illegal Pete’s name is an ode to the rebellious spirit of Pete’s father, Pete Sr. A good-natured hell-raiser who once drove a car into a swimming pool, Pete Sr. carved his own path through life. Our name pays respect to his legacy. That’s why we’re on a mission to step outside the norm, challenge great power, and remember what matters. We’re not interested in doing what we should; we care about doing what’s right (and fun). In the words of Pete: Do something just because it’s rad. Because it’s awesome. Because it’s cool.

Accomplices for Equality

The meaning behind our name has been questioned, as it should be. We stand strong in our belief that no person should be referred to as ‘illegal’ due to their origins. To us, the word is about challenging norms, fighting injustice, and making food so good it should be illegal. We also welcome constructive exchanges around equality and belonging, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for bigotry and discrimination in our restaurants.

It’s simple: We belong to the communities we serve, and them to us. Our differences are what make this life interesting, important, and worthwhile. So please, grace us with your truest self.

If your heart is open to all, you’re welcome here.

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Where it all Started!

Pete Sr.'s main reason for living was fun, but he was also funny, serious, engaging, humble, and kind. As a young man in the ‘50’s, his life was the epitome of rock n’ roll. It was first kisses in back seats, cold beer in cornfields, and good ol’ fashioned troublemaking. Our loteria murals give life to everything that Pete Sr. was. For instance, the phrase "Lighten Your Load" in our Fort Collins series, is a nod to his final mission in life: to simplify, let go, and find peace. That history also made Illegal Pete’s what it is today. Without the confidence and moral support from his father, Pete wouldn't have pushed through the fear and heartbreak of opening and running a young business. The values Pete Sr. lived by are the ones that drive our restaurant today.

Pete’s 10 Rules for Living the Good Life

  1. Write your Own Rules

  2. Show gratitude

  3. Reject your Ego

  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously

  5. Appreciate all that is serene and simple

  6. Be brave enough to try something new

  7. Value Relationships above all else

  8. Share your good times with as many people as possible

  9. Be intentional

  10. Beat a dumb joke to death

We're More Than Our Burritos

Here at Illegal Pete’s we spend years and years on crafting the perfect burrito, bowl, taco, you name it.

Here are some hot takes from our burrito artists.



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Burrito Combinations

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What's Next...

Our new identity honors our 28-year legacy as a local restaurant that puts community first. In fact, our new look not only reflects our values, but makes room for something new. So we can be even truer to what we care about most. Which means doing more for our artists, our neighborhoods, and our world. We don’t have a crystal ball, so the future isn’t something we can predict. Kinda better that way though, right? In the meantime, we’ll keep doing our part to make sure everybody has a chance to enjoy our food and each other.

"When you walk in you feel very welcome...almost like family"

Tim B.