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The deal is simple:

Years ago, our marketing director Virgil Dickerson went on tour with a band, and saw firsthand just how hard it is to find a decent meal on the road. He visited a restaurant in Albuquerque called Fred's Breads, which served touring musicians for half off. Inspired, he approached our president Pete Turner, asking to start a band discount program. Pete went one step further and offered to feed touring bands for free.

We set up road-weary touring bands with a free meal in exchange for spreading the word to their family and friends about Illegal Pete’s. Bands give us the heads up, and we give them the hookup. Customers benefit, too; From impromptu acoustic sets to Eat and Greets, customers can get up close and personal with their favorite bands. All touring bands coming through an Illegal Pete’s town are eligible, and merely need to reach out to us in advance to get their Starving Artists voucher. The restaurant will then set up each member with a free entrée and drink.

Just let us know in advance!  1 week notice=the sweet spot + possible promo of your show • 2 days notice=guaranteed • Less notice than that…good luck